Premiere at the Australian National Maritime Museum

The Movie : The Exhibition : The Book

13 April to 3 November 2013. (Official Launch 12 April 2013 - by invitation only)

February 2010, a team of 57 explorers comprising some of the world's best wildlife photographers, film makers and marine scientists - David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Emory Kristof, Michael AW, Goran Ehlme, Ernest Brooks II, Amos Nachoum, Wyland, Leandro Blanco, Jenny Ross, Cabell Davis, Steve Nicol, Stuart Ireland, and Jonathan Shackleton (cousin of the legendary Sir Ernest Shackleton), embarked on a voyage to Antarctica. The expedition loosely followed the footsteps Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew travelled after they lost the Endurance in 1915, from the Weddell Sea, across the treacherous Drake Passage to South Georgia. The team captured the splendour of the fauna, terrain, sights and sounds of this enchanting region in a perspective that no one has ever seen before.

The Elysium team documented the current state of this last pristine wilderness: biological samples, photographic and video documentation captured every step of their journey. Their adventures will finally be revealed from 13th April 2013 - the launch of the multi-faceted movie.

In addition, the finest of the 20,000 images captured, will be displayed for the first time inaugural exhibition from 13th April to 4 November 2013.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Shackleton's 1914 heroic Trans-Antarctic Expedition, a limited box edition hard case book featuring exquisite imageries of the photographers from the Elysium Epic expedition has also been released. The book - "Elysium – Shakleton Antarctic Visual Epic" is dedicated to the legendary Australian photographer Frank Hurley. This pictorial tribute succinctly encapsulates the best of the 2010 photographic epic.

Only 1914 copies of this limited edition have been released. This fine art production has been printed using the state-of-the-art techniques by Colourscan Singapore (known to produce books of superlative quality). 5 Ready-to-frame photographic prints will be packaged with the Boxed limited edition book at AUD 238. Hard Cover edition is AUD 108 including shipping within Australia and $128 including worldwide shipping. Ocean Geographic member discount applicable.

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