Jorgen Rasmussen

Contributing Photographer

Growing up on the west coast of Denmark, the oceans have always had a special place in Jorgen's heart. When he was 8, Jorgen bought his first windsurfing board and spent most of his childhood and youth on the beaches along the coast. After finishing university, Jorgen moved to Copenhagen and specialised in Business Intelligence. Today, Jorgen is a regular speaker on international conferences. Work brought Jorgen to exotic destinations like Australia and Borneo and through documenting his journeys; Jorgen developed a passion for photography. It was on Australia's Great Barrier Reef that Jorgen first felt in love with scuba diving. Jorgen quickly got his Dive Master certification. The serenity and the extraordinary bio-diversity was what had caught Jorgen's imagination. Soon after, he bought his first underwater camera and before long, capturing and sharing the underwater world became Jorgen's biggest passion. Encouraged by a photographic workshop, Jorgen started submitting pictures to international competitions. His imagery has won prices in some of the world's most prestigious competitions. Jorgen is now based in Queensland, Australia. With the Great Barrier Reef on the doorstep, he balances the professional career with great local diving and frequent expeditions to the world's underwater hot spots.